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About Positive Mind Personal Training

PMPT is all about reaping the positive benefits that exercise has on our mental state. It has been scientifically proven that physical exercise benefits our state of mind, reduces anxiety, stress, elevates mood and improves self-esteem.


If you are stressed due to external pressures or you struggle with mental illness, I am here to help you commit to making the change to improve your all round wellbeing. 


Not only will I pass on information I have learnt from study but I will also pass on what I have learnt from personal experience. My promise to you is to help support and nurture you on your personal journey to an all round healthier and more fulfilling life. PMPT is a safe place where a true relationship between client and trainer is formed.


This is your time to clear your mind from any external stresses and truly focus on yourself. Together we will be exploring different techniques and exercises that will focus the mind and help train attention and awareness. This achieving a mentally clear emotionally calm and stable state. Whatever it takes we WILL get you there.

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