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About Me

I am a Level three certified personal trainer and a full member of CIMPSA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) I am also fully insured by UK coaching.

My personal journey into the fitness world began the same way it has for many people that I know within the industry, low self-esteem. I wanted to change my physical appearance. Not long after I began to exercise I started to notice the changes in my body, however what struck me most and what I found beneficial was the profound effect exercise was having on my mental health and how during physical activity my external anxieties and stresses were silenced. Exercise became my escape. From here I knew I wanted to help others to experience the same state of mind and that’s why I became a personal trainer. As someone who has dealt with various mental health issues over the years and having tried many different treatments from medication and therapies, I can honestly say that exercise has had the biggest impact.

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